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We have a variety of cookies available:

Empire - Also known as Linzer cookie (German Christmas cookie) is a type of shortbread cookie with raspberry jam sprinkled with icing sugar (8 per clamshell)
Hermits - spiced cookie with date, carrots and almonds (8 per clamshell)
Chocolate chip - a basic chocolate chip cookie (8 per clamshell)
Date Turnovers - A sugar cookie with date filling and sprinkled with icing sugar (6 per clamshell)
Lemon Turnovers (6 per clamshell)

Vanilla Almond (12 per clamshell) - Shortbread Christmas cookie

Icebox cookies (12 per clamshell) - A shortbread cookie with cherries and nuts.

Elmvale Bakery: For over 30 years, "The Canadian Bakery with a Bavarian accent",has handcrafted artisan breads, tortes, and pastries.  Located in the Town of Elmvale, this traditional European style  bakery heats up their ovens to provide fresh products on a daily basis.

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