Cocktail Mixes

Cocktail Mixes
Cocktail Mixes
Cocktail Mixes
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Made with real fruit. Available in:Strawberry Daiquiri, Lime Margarita and Piña Colada.

Everybody loves a good cocktail . . . like, a really well-made cocktail. Unfortunately, just because the music and atmosphere of the bar is great, or the food is to die for, doesn’t mean the drinks are anything to sing about. Being able to mix a really good cocktail at home is a must, and thanks to our cocktail mixes from Blender Boyz, you can make a great cocktail every single time, even if you’re in your PJs.

These cocktail mixes are quick and easy; just open up a pouch of the Blender Boyz cocktail mix of your choice, add your own alcohol, and any other ingredient(s) you desire, and within a few short minutes, you have a delicious drink.

BLENDER BOYZ was created out of need…they needed their margarita fix and they needed it fast! They’ve created single serve, no muss no fuss, affordable blender drinks that taste amazing. It’s like a k-cup in a blender.You pour in 1 Blender Boyz pouch, you add ice, you blend. Jim Jackson from Toronto is the entrepeneur behind Blender Boyz.

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