Gourmet herb infused vinegars

Gourmet herb infused vinegars
Gourmet herb infused vinegars
Gourmet herb infused vinegars
Product image 1Gourmet herb infused vinegars
Product image 2Gourmet herb infused vinegars
Product image 3Gourmet herb infused vinegars

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Gourmet herb infused vinegars 330 ml, available in 3 varieties: 

Hop Infused Vinegar with Sage Blossoms
A milder vinegar turned pink from the Sage Blossoms grown on the farm. This vinegar works well on Spinach Salad. Combine this with Oil and enjoy a lite fresh taste of summer!

Hop Infusion with Rosemary and Thyme in a Sweet Smoky Cider vinegar
Fresh herbs grown on the farm, combined with our hops in cider vinegar, creates a unique balsamic style twist. Blended with garlic and Olive oil, this is a perfect combination for those who love to drench their baguette!

Hop Infused Vinegar with Lemon, Ginger and Sweet Basil
Vinegar Infused with our Hops , Lemon, Ginger, and Summer Sweet Basil grown on our farm, this vinegar is superb on fish! Add olive oil and garlic to pour over fish before baking. A Fish lovers delight!

Clear Valley Hops a family owned business on a 74-acre farm located at the base of the Blue Mountains in Nottawa, Ontario, just 2 minutes outside Collingwood. They currently have over 18 varieties of hops, fed by the waters of the Pretty River. The terroir of Georgian Bay comes through in the unique flavours of their hops. A Canadian hop grower!

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