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Hot Sauces
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Hot sauces in 250 ml bottles 

NEW - Green Tea Thai Chili - NEW
This Asian-inspired thai chile hot sauce is made with green tea, fresh ginger and cucumbers. Enhances any Asian and Thai dishes. Pais well with grilled cheese. This hot sauce is a popular choice with vegetarians. 

Descriptions ranking from hot --> hottests

Maple Habanero
Maple Habanero is a sauce for those who love a sweet heat. Made with fresh habaneros and pure Canadian maple syrup,  this is the perfect hot sauce for glazing cedar planked salmon, pork chops on the barbecue or if you are feeling  adventurous, add it to a carrot cake batter!

Glamourous Garlic 
This sauce is ultra-garlicky and made with five different hot peppers. If you like garlic and plenty of heat, Glamourous  Garlic is the perfect marinade for your chicken or steak. Add to a bowl of tomato soup or to roasted potatoes.

Stupid Hot 
Stupid Hot is hotter than your average cayenne hot sauce. Great with chicken wings, classic marinara sauce, or drizzled  over a slice of pizza. 

Russian Roulette (contains nuts)
A combination of tomato, garlic, coriander, walnuts and vinegar mixed with the wicked sting of Carolina Reaper hot  peppers

Charger Foods is owned by Charles Catchpole, an Anishinaabe Chef and Entrepreneur originally from Couchiching First Nation. Charger Foods is a First Nations owned company specializing in catering and producing a unique line of gourmet hot sauces and salad dressings.


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