Sicilian Panelle

Sicilian Panelle

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Sicilian Panelle 12 pcs (Chickpea Fritters) Vegan, Gluten Free 

Panelle (Sicilian chickpea fritters) are a typical Sicilian street food. These crispy little bites made with chickpea flour are exceptionally delicious s. Freshly fried, hot, crisp panelle are delicious served as an appetizer. Try drizzling it with fresh lemon juice!

Ingredients:  Chickpea flower, fresh cut parsley, salt, water: 

Cucina Imera provides homemade, authentic Italian dishes. They strive to bring their love for cooking into your home! Frank the owner has been in the restaurant/hospitality field for over 30 years. Growing up in an Italian family inspired his passion for cooking. In searching for the perfect name for his business,he decided to go back to his roots. His parents grew up in a small town called Termini Imerese, in Sicily, Italy. From this came the name of his company, Cucina Imera. Cucina Imera is located in York Ontario.

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