Blue Oyster Mushrooms

Blue Oyster Mushrooms
Blue Oyster Mushrooms
Product image 1Blue Oyster Mushrooms
Product image 2Blue Oyster Mushrooms

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Blue Oyster Mushrooms, available in 230g or 115g

Blue Oysters are soft and velvety in texture with licorice and almond notes. They are widely used in stir-frying and deep-frying but also perfect for risottos and salads. And seamless addition to soups and stews. Purported Health Benefits: Rich in anti-oxidants, Anti-colon and breast cancer properties, Helps with skin and immune health, Ameliorates cognitive function, High in protein and Vitamin B.

Whispering Pines produces the substrate used for growing at their facility, using locally sourced hardwoods and organic grain products. Their mushrooms grow only on plant based media. What began as a love for mushroom foraging, developed into cultivating all things fungi.

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