Booch Kombucha 472ml

Booch Kombucha 472ml

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Organic Kombucha available in 6 varieties, 473ml

Organic Black Currant: It's our juicy blend of locally sourced organic black currants and saskatoon berries that bursts in your mouth the moment it hits your tongue. Tangy, bright, and full of tart berry notes, this Booch may be the most addictive yet

Organic Blueberry Holy Basil: This one is jam packed with flavour! Bold blueberry tones pair with the soft notes of watermelon, pineapple, vanilla and spice from the full-moon-harvested holy basil. Support your roots and keep drinking local!!

Organic Blue Lemonade: This Booch is naturally blue/teal from nutritious blue spirulina! A refreshing blue- lemonade with fresh pressed organic lemons, lemongrass, vanilla and lavender.

Organic Citrus Twist: A little sunshine in a bottle for you! Our new blend now incorporates local organic seabuckthorn berries. After it’s finished fermenting, we juice local organic seabuckthorn berries, lemons, ginger and turmeric and add sliced oranges for those bright citrus aromas. This Booch is the perfect immune-booster, or Vit C pick-me-up.

Organic Raspberry Lemonade: Our best selling Raspberry Lemonade kombucha is made with whole organic red raspberries sourced right here in Ontario and organic lemongrass. That is all! Simple, pure, and real. Our kombucha is always kept raw; enhancing those gut friendly microbes.

Organic Ginger

Ingredients for all organic kombuchas: Filtered water, kombucha (yeast & bacteria cultures), organic cane sugar, fermented organic black tea, positive energy, and love. Each kombucha has added their own organic fruits 

Founded in 2015, Booch is a heart centered business operating with eco-regenerative business practices, synergy, connection, gratitude, compassion, purpose and love. We are the manufacturers of healing organic beverages, that include kombucha and jun. We share the story of plantation to ferment and promote connection. We believe in connecting consumers to themselves, to the community and to the planet by offering them a living fermented beverage filled with beneficial microbes that enhance their health and wellbeing. Our beverages are raw, living and unpasteurized. Please drink with intention & attention.

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