Gourmet Jelly's (125ml)

Gourmet Jelly's (125ml)

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Available in 2 varieties: Spicy Ice Wine and Cranberry Orange & Vodka

Spicy Ice Wine Jelly

This combination of what we call fire and ice is the perfect addition to any meal creation or charcuterie board. Spicy ice wine jelly astonishes everyone who has the chance to try it. The cool, sweet fruity taste of ice wine completely complements the spice and heat. It is the perfect combo to balance grilled veggies, pasta dishes, or gourmet sandwiches. This little gem makes a perfect hostess gift as well.  

Ingredients: Sugar, White vinegar, Red peppers, Water, Onions, Pectin, Ice wine, Apple cider vinegar, Scotch bonnet peppers, Crushed cayenne pepper, Salt, Granulated garlic, Black pepper, Natural flavour, Citric acid. Contains: Sulphites.

Cranberry Orange & Vodka Jelly

Looking for a jelly that will truly impress? This Cranberry Orange & Vodka Jelly is fat-free and fruity with a thrilling boozy zing. Made with 100% cranberry juice, concentrated orange juice, and vodka. The blend of the cranberries with tart orange bursts throughout, plus the subtleness of the vodka, results in a flavoursome jelly. The flavour is nicely balanced and you’ll think you're really having a Cosmopolitan cocktail.

Ingredients: Sugars (sugar, concentrated cranberry juice, concentrated orange juice), Water, Pectin, Vodka, Natural flavour, Sodium citrate.

La dee Da an all woman owned company established in Hamilton Ontario.

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