Dill Pickle Peanuts 200g

Dill Pickle Peanuts  200g

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Dry roasted peanuts, tossed in Copperpot nuts tangy and flavourful house blend of dill pickle seasoning

Ingredients: Peanuts, Dillweed, Sunflower Oil, Salt , Coriander, Citric Acid, Mustard Powder, Dill seeds, Onion Powder and garlic powder.

May contain Tree Nuts, Wheat Free, Dary Free.

Copperpot Nuts began as a garage start-up in rural Coldwater back in 2009. They created their own production facility and launched the brand right here near Coldwater, Ontario. All of their nuts are double roasted and packaged by hand in small batches. Copperpot Nuts sources as many ingredients as they can from local producers.

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