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Winter CSA Pick Up

Winter CSA Pick Up

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Winter CSA Farm2Door (5% early bird discount if purchased before Jan 23rd)

Farm2Door introduces a 15 week Winter vegetable box also known as a CSA share.  Starting the week of February 1st till half of May.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is exactly what Farm2Door is all about. Our CSA connects farmers with local buyers and thus keeps local food in our community. 

Farm2Door’s weekly vegetable share is a seasonal collection of the finest produce our growers have on offer and starts in the first week of February until half May. 

Our CSA shares come in two sizes. A regular share supplies an average two person household with fresh vegetables. It's priced at $45 per week and comes to $ 675 for the 15 weeks of our Winter vegetable program. 

A large share is geared towards a four person household. It's priced at $80 per week and $ 1200 for the 15 weeks of our Winter vegetable program. 

CSA shares are distributed once a week. You can either choose for a Wednesday or Saturday Pick up at our retail store on 159 Balm Beach Road in Tiny. 

Please have a look at some example CSA Winter shares:

Fall regular share example Fall large share example
Bunch of Carrots Beets
Winter Radish
Potatoes Sauerkraut
Lettuce mix
Asian Greens
Beets Cabbage

Winter Herb
2 bunches of Carrots


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