Garlic sleeves

Garlic sleeves

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Garlic Sleeves, great purchase for a local food giveaway or stocking up for Fall and Winter.  Each sleeve contains 10 medium bulbs on average of either Music or Chesnok Red.

Music is a Porcelain garlic, widely available throughout Ontario. With and average of 5 large cloves, this garlic is a great all around cooking garlic. Roasts beautifully and stores till March under ideal conditions.

Chesnok Red is a Standard Purple Stripe garlic. This colourful, pungent, strong tasting heritage garlic has up to 10 flatter cloves and stores til the end of April (or beyond) under ideal conditions. Garlic needs dry, cool air and stable temperature to make it into next Spring.

Bulbs of Fire is a local garlic supplier, operational since 2012. Specialising in heirloom garlics and gourmet garlic products. Owners Bart and Simone Nagel are longtime local food entrepreneurs and have also founded Farm2Door early on in the pandemic.


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