Microgreens Smoothie Cubes

Microgreens Smoothie Cubes
Microgreens Smoothie Cubes
Microgreens Smoothie Cubes
Product image 1Microgreens Smoothie Cubes
Product image 2Microgreens Smoothie Cubes
Product image 3Microgreens Smoothie Cubes

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“Nutrient Packed Smoothie Cubes” which is a mix of Broccoli Raab/
Crimson Clover and Purple Kohlrabi microgreens – frozen in pure spring water. Each
clamshell package has (ten) smoothie cubes with 5grams of microgreens each!

Great for adding to your smoothies! Microgreens with MACRO nutrients!

A Tiny Green Co. is an indoor microgreens farm owned and operated by Cody Desroches that has opened its doors for business in early 2021. All microgreens are grown from organic seed & with pure spring water that has been locally sourced.

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