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Muffins (Box of 6)

Muffins (Box of 6)
Muffins (Box of 6)
Muffins (Box of 6)
Muffins (Box of 6)
Muffins (Box of 6)
Product image 1Muffins (Box of 6)
Product image 2Muffins (Box of 6)
Product image 3Muffins (Box of 6)
Product image 4Muffins (Box of 6)
Product image 5Muffins (Box of 6)

Regular price $12.00

Muffins, sold in packs of 6 (1 flavour per box)

Multiple flavours available: Blueberry Lemon, Strawberry, Triple Berry, Apple Crumble and Banana pecan

Midland City Bakers is a community of bakers. From artisan breads, preserves, coffee, baked treats, soups, sandwiches and more. They look forward to treating you soon!


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