Summer CSA Delivered

Summer CSA Delivered

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Farm2Door's Summer CSA 2022 is a 12 week Summer local vegetable program that starts mid June (Wednesday June 15th) and it runs till the beginning of September (Saturday September 3rd).

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is exactly what Farm2Door is all about. Our CSA connects farmers with local buyers and thus keeps local food in our community. 

Farm2Door’s weekly vegetable share is a seasonal collection of the finest local produce our growers have on offer.   

With the purchase of a Farm2Door CSA, you are supporting 10 or more local growers

Some of the participating local growers in our Summer CSA: Honey Greens Farm, Whispering Pines,  Cookstown Greens, PayDirt Farm, A State of Plenty,  Sunny Nature Farm, Wyeview Farm, Birch Farms, Camphouse Farm, Maple Wind Farm, BelleRoots Farm & Bulbs of Fire 

Our CSA shares come in TWO sizes.

A regular share supplies an average 2-4 person household with fresh vegetables. It's priced at $45 per week and comes to $ 540 for the 12 weeks of our Summer vegetable program. 

A large share is geared towards a 3-5 person household. It's priced at $80 per week and comes to $ 960 for the 12 weeks of the summer season.

CSA shares are distributed once a week, either Wednesdays or Saturdays. Delivery is $5 flat rate per week, $60 total for the 12 weeks of the  season. If you rather pick up your CSA please click Summer CSA Pick Up instead. 

Donate a CSA or part of it to the Foodbank/Guest House !

We have also created the option to donate a full CSA (or a portion of a CSA) to the Foodbank/Guest House or to a friend for more information click here

Please have a look at some example CSA Summer shares below. 

 Summer regular share example Summer large share example
Lettuce Mix
Lettuce Mix x2
Zucchini Zucchini x2
Green onions
Garlic x2
Green onions x2
Cherry Tomatoes
Beets Radishes
Radishes Swiss Chard
Cherry Tomatoes


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