Suyo Long Cucumber

Suyo Long Cucumber

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All seedlings are for pick up only. Available pick up days are: May 22nd or May 29th between 10 am and 2 pm. Please select the date you'd like in our drop down menu. Seedling orders to be placed seperately from other orders.

Note: Price is for 4 pack of seedlings of this variety.

This Asian burpless cucumber produces large non-bitter fruits. The ribbed, spiny cucumbers become somewhat smoother as they mature and have a unique curled end. If you prefer straighter cucumbers, consider supporting with a vertical trellis.

Cucumbers grow best in a rich, warm, sandy loam soil. Wait until daytime temperatures reach 18 degrees or greater to plant. Create 6 inch high mounds that are 18 inches wide. Space mounds 4 feet apart. Plant cucumbers into the center of the mound. Cucumbers must be thoroughly watered throughout the season. If cucumbers become moisture stressed the can become very bitter. Cut cucumbers with a knife when harvesting. Do not rip or pull them from the vine.

Tiny Veggies is a nursery run by Evain Maurice (Belle Roots Farm) and Jpshua Tuck in Penetangusihene. They grow all of your garden transplant needs using only organic potting soil and well water ensuring a clean start for your home grown food,

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