Loose leaf tea 80g

Loose leaf tea 80g
Loose leaf tea 80g
Loose leaf tea 80g
Loose leaf tea 80g
Loose leaf tea 80g
Loose leaf tea 80g
Loose leaf tea 80g
Product image 1Loose leaf tea 80g
Product image 2Loose leaf tea 80g
Product image 3Loose leaf tea 80g
Product image 4Loose leaf tea 80g
Product image 5Loose leaf tea 80g
Product image 6Loose leaf tea 80g
Product image 7Loose leaf tea 80g

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Loose leaf tea 80g per bag 

Makes 40 x 6 to 8 oz cups or 20 x 12 to 14 oz mugs

Anti-Stress Health Tea:
Help yourself to a calming cup of this anti-stress herbal tea.
Ingredients:  Ginger root, orange peel, cardamom, fennel, licorice root, cinnamon.

Creemore Market Blend:
Creemore Market Blend is our signature black tea blend. We invite you to enjoy this blend of bergamot and vanilla - Earl Grey with a creamy finish!  
Ingredients: Organic black tea, organic cornflower petals, natural flavours.

Ivory Cable-Knit Sweater:
This tea is cozy and delightful!  Organic black tea, vanilla and rose petals combine to create the perfect snowy or rainy-day tea.  
Ingredients: Organic black tea, organic vanilla, organic rose petals, natural flavour.

Chai Masala:
Black tea and fragrant spices come together in this bold, classic chai tea. Enjoy your chai masala tea with water or make it into a latte. It is an invigorating concoction that is great to drink in the morning or as an afternoon treat.
Ingredients: Black tea, cornflower petals, natural flavours

Chai Rooibos:

This is a delightful caffeine-free chai.  It is excellent with milk and can be enjoyed any time of day. 
Ingredients: Rooibos, aniseed, ginger, black pepper, cardamom seeds, cinnamon, cloves, flavour.

Ginger Spice:
Hello ginger!  This herbal blend is bursting with spice and healthy anti-oxidants!
Ingredients: Ginger roots*, cardamom*, cloves*, lemon peel*, turmeric*. (*=organic)

Morning Yoga:
Embrace your inner yogi with this healthy herbal blend!
Ingredients: Cinnamon pieces, ginger, stinging nettle leaves, cloves, sweet blackberry leaves, cardamom seeds, white pepper.

Rebecca Brown and Maggie Morrison are a mother/daughter duo who are passionate tea drinkers! Clearview Tea Company was established in 2012 and we began by selling blends at the Creemore Farmers’ Market in Creemore, Ontario. Rebecca is a certified Tea Sommelier and our teas are blended and packed in small batches with the finest ingredients possible!

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