Our Story

Farm2Door sprouted in April 2020 out of a collaboration between local farms Bulbs of Fire and BelleRoots Farm. Farm2Door started as an answer to the COVID lockdowns with a single mission: to make local food more available and accessible for the communities of North Simcoe (Midland, Penetanguishene, Tay and Tiny). 

Through Farm2Door’s web store and local food store on Balm Beach Road, local food is now available 24/7 all year long. Farm2Door has grown out to be a true local food hub, carrying produce and food products from over 100 local suppliers. The majority of the suppliers are located within Simcoe County and 90% is sourced from within a 100 mile radius.

Farm2Door’s Social Mission

While most companies are founded on the merit of capitalizing on an economic opportunity, the story of Farm2Door is remarkably different. Farm2Door started as a quest to re-connect with local food buyers. Farm2Door was founded on the idea of making local food more accessible and available. 

Farm2Door is a company with a social mission. We’re here to grow the business case for local food in North Simcoe. We’re trying to make local food ever more accessible for both consumers in our community as well  as food purchasing businesses like restaurants and catering companies.

Our goal is not to maximize Farm2Door’s profit, but rather to grow the local food economy. We do apply a retail markup to make ends meet and send a fair pay check to everyone involved with our company.

Why is growing our local food economy important? 

  1. Environmental impact - It’s almost too simple to address. But for the record: You know what takes very little gas to get here? Local Food!

  2. Keeping local food local contributes to your health! Local food is fresher, eaten right after harvest assures more nutrients. 

  3. Feeding the local economy/keeping money here. The more local food is sold and eaten in our area, the more will be grown, the more businesses will go after this markt.This means more choice for consumers, more jobs in the local food economy and more money staying right here contributing to a more prosperous region! 

  4. Keep your community unique! Local food contributes to terroir, to local flavour. Buying local food will feed entrepreneurial creativity, creating one-of-a-kind businesses giving a distinct character of our place. It’s what sets our community apart from chain store towns that look the same anywhere.

The money drain
Way too much money spent with local purchases leaves our communities immediately. The difference between large chain food retail and independent local food stores like ours is incredible. Cost of product is as high as 70-85% (depending category and retail formula) in chain food retail, implying that  70-85%  of your money spent there leaves the community. In our case over 90% stays in the community, because we solely source local. This is the impact shopping at Farm2Door makes on your community.

Together Thank you so much for your interest in Farm2Door. Thank you for your support for local farmers and producers. Together we’re keeping local food home!
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