Our Team

Farm2Door.ca sprouted out of a collaboration of local farmers. Together they found a force much stronger than they had as individual players. Locals helping locals, that’s what Farm2Door is all about.

Evain Maurice

Supply Manager

Owner/farmer at BelleRoots Farm and Primary producer contact at Farm2Door. Musician by trade, Farmer by heart. Evain has proven over the years to be an outstanding grower who puts quality above all. Farm2Door is blessed having Evain and BelleRoots Farm on board as vegetable producer! Please reach out to Evain if you want on board and sell on the Farm2Door platform. 


Rachel Maurice

Customer Relations & Marketing

Owner and aesthetician at BelleRoots Spa, in charge of Customer relations and marketing at Farm2Door. Rachel is groomed in the hospitality industry. Her family ran the renowned Delawanna Inn for over a century. Besides her professional skills, we’re also proud of her culinary capabilities. Rachel is a true artisan baker. Her mouthwatering sourdoughs are always first to sell out on our webstore. Rachel is our primary customer contact at Farm2Door. She’ll address all questions in record speed.


Simone Nagel

Finance & Management

Co-Owner at Bulbs of Fire and in charge of finance and product management at Farm2Door. Simone’s accounting skills and organisational talent make everything run smoothly at Farm2Door, which is more than necessary for any start-up but especially at Farm2Door where all the founding members are running separate businesses as well. Simone is also primary support contact for producers that are already on the platform.


Bart Nagel

General Manager / Business Development

Owner and founder of Bulbs of Fire Garlic and Bloom Remedy Inc. At Farm2Door Bart’s role is general management and business development. As a longtime local food entrepreneur Bart has a feel for what’s hot and what’s not. Bulbs of Fire gained fame throughout the Ontario food scene with unique gourmet garlic products sold in many high end food locations. Farm2Door is proud to carry Bulbs of Fire garlic and garlic products. Reach out to Bart for general questions and business opportunities.  

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