Burgers (5 pack/850g)

Burgers (5 pack/850g)
Burgers (5 pack/850g)
Product image 1Burgers (5 pack/850g)
Product image 2Burgers (5 pack/850g)

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Burgers, 5 x 6oz/170g per package  

Available in Chicken, Pork/Beef or 100% Beef (All Beef)


Chicken: chicken, turkey, water, rice flour, corn starch, salt, spices, sodium phosphate, sodium ascorbate. Gluten Free

Pork/beef: beef, pork, water, corn starch, corn flour, salt, spices, sodium phosphate, mustard, sodium ascorbate, soy.  Gluten Free

All Beef: 100% beef, water, toasted wheat crumb, corn flour, salt, spices, and spices extract, hydrolized corn protein

Ian and Shannon Daines at Falkenridge Farm, believe in raising and growing food in a natural and sustainable way. Although they are not officially certified organic, Ian and Shannon have always followed most organic tenets. No chemical pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no GMOs. Their layers and some of their broilers also receive certified organic feed - everybody else gets a non-GMO diet, they never use antibiotics, and everybody's out on pasture getting their greens!

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