Handmade Soup Mixes

Handmade Soup Mixes
Handmade Soup Mixes
Handmade Soup Mixes
Handmade Soup Mixes
Handmade Soup Mixes
Product image 1Handmade Soup Mixes
Product image 2Handmade Soup Mixes
Product image 3Handmade Soup Mixes
Product image 4Handmade Soup Mixes
Product image 5Handmade Soup Mixes

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Handmade soup mixes to nourish the mind, body and soul

325 g to 396g SERVINGS: 8-10 x 2 CUPS

Classic Chicken & Herbs Soup: Our take on chicken noodle soup—a staple on cold days, sick days, and every day in between, nourishing the body and soul. Hearten the broth with celery, carrots and chicken. And if you’re anything like us, a side of hot, buttered buns or saltines (or both!) is a must.

Mexican Tortilla Soup Mix: For anyone who couldn’t wait for make-your-own-tacos night as a kid, this one’s for you. Inspired by Mexican cuisine, our tortilla soup is one of our most-loved mixes (and not too hot!). Opt for beef or chicken—chef’s choice—and garnish with sour cream and shredded cheese. 

Fully Loaded Potato Soup: What says comfort food like a fully loaded baked potato? We captured the creamy, carb-y comfort in a soup. Thick and savoury, our potato soup is loaded with garlic, onion and herbs. Garnish with baked potato must-haves: Sour cream and chives—and, if you’re anything like us, crispy, chopped bacon. 

Mulligatawny Soup Mix The warm spices of Indian cuisine will permeate your home with our mulligatawny or “curry soup”—a fusion of Anglo-Indian cuisines. This vegan-friendly dish can be made with chicken or yam, while tart apple and creamy coconut make it as vibrant in flavour as it is in colour.

Mitchells Soup Co originated in British Columbia but partnered up with the Faris family in Aylmer Ontario where all the products for the Ontario market are made,  It may not be the easy way, but it’s their way: Forgoing modern technologies and mass production for the craftsmanship of days gone by. Every Mitchell’s meal is made by hand—slowly and intentionally, just like mom used to make. Because they know from experience: Good things take time.

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