Canned Beans (540ml)

Canned Beans (540ml)
Canned Beans (540ml)
Canned Beans (540ml)
Canned Beans (540ml)
Canned Beans (540ml)
Canned Beans (540ml)
Product image 1Canned Beans (540ml)
Product image 2Canned Beans (540ml)
Product image 3Canned Beans (540ml)
Product image 4Canned Beans (540ml)
Product image 5Canned Beans (540ml)
Product image 6Canned Beans (540ml)

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5 varieties of canned beans.  Certified Organic, Canadian Grown!

Dark Red Kidney Beans - A kitchen classic, great in chilis and soups.

Black Turtle Beans - Also known as “black beans”, international and versatile.

Navy Beans - Also known as “white beans”, reliable and hearty.

Chickpeas - Frequently used in hummus, falafel and chana masala.

Green Lentils - Great in salads, soups, various international cuisines, sauteed with garlic and onions or even on their own – the possibilities are endless

Cullen’s canned beans are produced without any salt, colourants, preservatives, or firming agents – only beans and water.

Every can is BPA non-intent (“BPA-NI”), meaning bisphenol-A was not intentionally added during any stage in the manufacturing process.

Ben Cullen grew up in a gardening family and, in pursuit of his love of food, attended agriculture college in the heart of Ontario’s farm country: Ridgetown, Ontario. When in Ridgetown Ben became immersed in the culture of Ontario’s agriculture industry and forged relationships which are strong to this day. He decided to launch Cullen’s Foods to promote a model of food business that connects agricultural producers more directly with consumers. 

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