Mushroom Coffee 340g

Mushroom Coffee 340g
Mushroom Coffee 340g
Mushroom Coffee 340g
Product image 1Mushroom Coffee 340g
Product image 2Mushroom Coffee 340g
Product image 3Mushroom Coffee 340g

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Mushroom Coffee 340g available in 2 varieties

Chaga Mushroom Enhanced Organic Coffee - Defend Blend - 340g Ground

Lion's Mane Mushroom Enhanced Organic Coffee - Think Blend - 340g Ground

250 mg of Organic Chaga or Organic Lion's Mane Functional Mushrooms per serving, no additives. Two Simple Ingredients: Premium organic coffee & sustainably sourced organic functional mushrooms (Chaga or Lion's Mane)

Plant powered, no added sugar, keto friendly, Paleo friendly, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, soy free, non GMO

PowerPlant Superfoods uses organic functional mushrooms and blend them with their premium coffee's that give you all the benefits of mushrooms, with no mushrooms taste! 

PowerPlant Superfoods is a new company founded by TV-Chef and serial entrepreneur Matt Dean Pettit and Ryan Warnock,  friends for over 30 years! A shared passion for making a difference in this world, helping to save and protect animals and make it easy to eat healthy foods, spurred the birth of a new brand with exciting products.

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