Whole Turkey PICK UP Dec 21/22

Whole Turkey PICK UP Dec 21/22

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High Welfare Free-Range Whole Turkey - 15 to 20lbs (Fresh)  PRE ORDER PICK UP ONLY

Want to eat a Turkey at Christmas that's sustainably raised and had the best life possible? A Harley Farms Turkey is for you. These birds are: GRASS-FED,  NATURAL ,GMO FREE, FREE RANGE, SUSTAINABLE, LOCALLY RAISED, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY

Price: $7.25/lb

At checkout, you will be charged for 15 lbs at first. In store you'll pay the additional weight when picking up.  Please order separately from other products. Turkey needs to be picked up on Thursday December 21st (after 11 am) or Friday December 22nd 

At Harley Farms (Keene, Ontario), it is all about keeping the stress on the animal to a absolute minimum. This Farm is one of the only farms in Ontario to be certified by the SPCA!  SPCA Certified is a food-labeling program that gives the consumers assurance that the food they purchase comes from Canadian farms that raise farm animals to a higher set of standards.

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