Iced Honey 375g

Iced Honey 375g
Iced Honey 375g
Iced Honey 375g
Iced Honey 375g
Product image 1Iced Honey 375g
Product image 2Iced Honey 375g
Product image 3Iced Honey 375g
Product image 4Iced Honey 375g

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Iced honey that has been transformed by the Canadian cold available in 375g jars in 4 varieties.

Blueberry:, flavoured with organic blueberries. It's great on toast, English muffins and scones.

Citrus: flavoured with orange zest. Great in coffee or teas. A good topping for muffins or toast.

Ginger: Pure raw honey infused with ginger. Perfect for adding to teas or used in cooking. This smooth creamy texture just melts in your mouth.

Cocoa: Iced honey that has been transformed by the Canadian cold, flavoured with organic cocoa. It's a great addition to anything - because who doesn’t love the taste of chocolate?

Belicious is a family of beekeepers with a long-running heritage of producing pure, delicious honey. With knowledge from three generations of honey producers, their beekeepers are the best at producing high-quality honey.

Belicious Products is where customers get access to pure, raw honey. Unlike commercially available honey (which has very few nutrients), their honey is packed with nutrients including antioxidants, enzymes, antiviral, and antibacterial properties!

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