Springhills Batter Mix

Springhills Batter Mix

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Batter up! Hit a home run with Springhills new fish batter mix.

It makes fish even easier to enjoy. Just mix with one can of beer. Coat your favourite fish and fry in a pan or your air fryer.

One pack coats about 4 fillets or 1kg of fish. We give you all the instructions on the bag!

Choose between Original or Gluten Free (with rice flour).

Ingredients: Wheat flour (or rice flour in gluten-free variety), baking powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, baking soda, spices

Springhills Trout Farm is a small scale operation in Grey County, Ontario. The farm is a second-generation family business with four land-based fish farms in Grey County. Owners and siblings Arlen and RJ Taylor pride themselves on humane and sustainable practices resulting in incredible tasting, fresh fish.

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