Simcoe County Basket

Simcoe County Basket

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Gift Basket filled with goodies from our producers of Simcoe County!  This basket contains an abundance of goods locally produced.

Bulbs of Fire Black Garlic Jelly
Hot Mammas Jelly
Copperpot Nuts Goldmine
Mundy's Bay Honey Mustard
Turnview Honey
Windlee Maple Syrup 500 ml
Williams farm Maple sugar 1/2 lbs
Dickey Bee BBQ sauce
Papa Johns pickled eggs
Clear Valley Infused Vinegar
Huron Sun Salad dressing
Rootham's Chutney
Quiet Valley Sizzle Sauce
Georgian Bay Coffee Coffee
Georgian Chocolate Chocolate bar
Natural chocolatier Chocolate covered pretzels
Cedarpoint Sunflower Oil

Baskets we use may vary. Contact us for custom made gift baskets.

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